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Blair Cromwell is the Vice President of Communications at Visit Bentonville. Recently turned 40. She is the mother of three girls 7, 5, and 2. Married to Rich. She has an identical twin sister who runs marathons (no pressure). Blair has never considered herself a runner. Always told people that she only ran when being chased. She is hopeful that the 250 runners in the training group will oblige her and do the chasing. The mob mentality may be the only way she finishes the half marathon. Fear is a good motivator. 

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What the Heck is a Fartlek?! Blair Cromwell

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Man Up Fool! Blair Cromwell

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About a week ago my husband’s co-worker, Kayla, asked me if she could run with me because she is training for the half marathon, too. Seems harmless, right? Wrong!  Kayla is a strange breed of fitness buff known as a “crossfitter.” She wears tank tops that read “Man up fool!”  I’m not kidding…see pic below from her Facebook page.

I'm a Big Ole Slacker....

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I’m a big ole slacker…

Dropping Science Blair Cromwell

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Okay-so I managed to run without being chased. I learned a couple of things while on my first few runs. To quote the Beastie Boys I’m about “to drop science” on ya.


Blair Cromwell

Blair Cromwell

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