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Worst Race Ever Presented by Raising Cane's

Back in person! Should we call this the BEST RACE EVER!? Nah... 

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The Worst Race Ever is a 100% real, chipped time, high quality 5k race but takes all the elements of "the worst race I ever ran" and mocks them throughout the event. The theme and elements along the course change every year so you never know what you are going to get. 


When: September 18, 2021

Race Time: 7:00am

Location: Old Tiger Track (517 Tiger BLVD)

Course Map: See The New Course Map Here!

What Do You Get: Another race shirt, a bag with some stuff in it, some type of medal at the finish (if you actually show up and run), probably some other stuff but we have not thought that far ahead yet. Maybe tacos will be there, maybe not. 


 Rasing Canes