Mileage Club

The Team Run Bentonville Mileage Club allows runners of all speeds to set tangible mileage goals. We've set 6 cumulative mileage goals. As you achieve each goal, you will earn a new piece of the medal to build the water tower.

The mileage club allows you to move at your own pace. There are no time restraints on when you must achieve each goal. It doesn't matter if it takes you 1 month or 5 years to build your medal. 


What are the mileage goals? 

There are 6 "milestones" and reward incentives for you to achieve within the mileage club. 

100 miles- 100 miles medal piece

250 miles- 250 miles medal piece

500 miles- 500 mile medal piece + Custom JUNK headband 

1000 miles- 1000 mile medal piece

1500 miles- 1500 miles medal piece 

2000 miles- 2000 miles medal piece + Custom Team Jacket 

2500 miles - 2500 miles medal piece for the upgraded 2500-5000 mile milestone award

3000 miles - 3000 miles medal piece + Custom Team Hat

3500 miles - 3500 miles medal piece

4000 miles - 4000 miles medal piece + Custom Team Singlet

4500 miles - 4500 miles medal piece

5000 miles - 5000 miles medal piece + TBD

How do you participant in the Mileage Club?

1. Join Team Run Bentonville
2. RUN
3. Keep track of those runs! (Strava, Nike+, Good ol' pen & paper training log, whatever works for you!)
4. Submit those miles via the Membership Section of the Team Run Bentonville page.
5. Email when you've hit your next mileage milestone to come in and claim your award!