Training Program


Registration for the 2025 Run Bentonville Half Marathon Training Program will open up in August, 2024.



The Run Bentonville Half Marathon Training Program is administered and coached by Mike Rush, owner of Rush Running Company, Bentonville, AR.

When you register, you'll be asked to provide your estimated finish time. Don't worry though...we won't hold you to the time you provide as it just gives us an idea of where you're starting! All you need to be able to do is run a mile by the first group meeting on December 9. We will help you get to the finish line to run 13.1 on April 6! We will provide you with a training plan to stay on track with mid-week runs and cross-training during the week, then join us each Saturday to be encouraged by our dedicated group of amazing volunteers, hear helpful information from experts during our clinics, and make new friends in the group. New running groups and friendships are formed every year during our training program. Whether this is your first Half Marathon, or you're just looking to improve your time, this program is for YOU! 

Each week during the group runs, volunteers will be wearing vests with pace group times marked (from 7:30/mile-18:00/mile). Trainees MUST be able to maintain an 18:00/mile to participate in the program as 4 hours is the time limit for the Run Bentonville Half Marathon.

Registration includes entry into the Valentines 8k, Irish 10k, and the Run Bentonville Half Marathon

  • Training program includes:
      • Clinics include micro-classes on hydration, fuel and nutrition, stretching, and injury prevention.
      • Access to the private Training Group Facebook page for questions, tips, and encouragement.
      • Discount to Rush Running Co during the entirety of the program.
    • Complete program from start to finish to prepare you to run 13.1 miles by April 6.
    • Training Program starter kit includes:
      • Shirt
      • Balega socks
      • Gu gels
      • Nuun Electrolytes
      • Huma Electrolytes
      • Junk Headband
      • Rush Running Beanie
      • Gloves
      • Blinky Lights


Rush Running Company-Bentonville's Race Headquarters

Mike and Alison Rush, owners
1600-2 DE J Street
Bentonville, AR 72712
(479) 464-7866

Testimonials from the Training Program:

"Training Program was awesome. I feel like a "runner" now. It's a way of life for me. Very inspiring. Challenging. Great for mind/body/soul. I feel so refreshed after our runs. Loved running as a group on Saturdays. Loved meeting new people!"

 "I went from a 5k twice a year to this 1/2 marathon. Dream come true. I fully expected to finish under 2 hours. Couldn't have done it without the training group! Many thank you all the volunteers who made it happen!!"

"I now have a greater appreciation for running! I understand how to prevent injury, proper breathing pattern, proper nutrition, and more! It has been a great experience!"

"I've lost 12 pounds total so far. After my first baby I promised to do a better job of getting healthier. I've found that I love to run! Thanks for all your support!"